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Helping you fulfill your mission on the planet, one word at a time.
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Marketing Collateral

Brochures, media releases, and donor communications for strategic clarion calls.

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Content Marketing

Trumpet your big news with donor-centric blog posts, articles, website content and social media.

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Email Newsletters

Let your donors shine and inform your community about your program awesomeness.

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Case Studies

Tell constituent stories that put a spotlight on measurable program impacts.

What I do

I write, so you don't have to.
Get the Word Out. Tell Your Story.

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Anyone can write a sentence. The question is, who'll read it and take action?

Hi, I’m Tanya, and I write to shake things up for socially conscious organizations.

It's a fact: strategic communications can increase your community and donor engagement. If you're working for positive change in education and the arts, workforce development, or justice involved youth, I'm you're wing woman. My goal? Helping you fulfill your mission on the planet, one word at a time.

Your wingwoman

You can call me "Tanya"

Latanya West

Nonprofit Marketing & Communications Copywriter
Former K-12 educator and curriculum sales consultant for a Fortune 500 company.

If your mission is to improve the planet through your own unique web of influence, I’m your wingwoman. Let’s DO this!

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