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Getting the word out. Improving the odds they'll show up, click, donate, read, share. Trumpeting ALL that big news... It doesn't have to be hard. Or an overwhelming time suck. But who's going to get it all done? I'll write it, so you don't have to.

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Lighten your load with hassle-free, professional PR and content marketing services that let you get back to what you do best.

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Content Marketing and Copywriting

Newsletters, media releases, case studies, white papers, blog posts, website and social media content, brochures and training materials customized for your audience.


"Latanya is very thoughtful and thorough in her work. She helped us gather data from our customers to write case studies for our curriculum. She is very professional and we were proud to have her representing us while reaching out to our customers. The end product is exceptional and we continue to use her words when showcasing our curriculum to potential new customers."
Maya G., Lingual Learning
""I found Ms Latanya West's assistance to our statewide organization, BAPAC, first class and top shelf! Her superb journalistic coaching in helping us to update our website, streamline our sponsor packages, reach high-end support markets were second to none! We would very much welcome her expertise and highly esteemed counsel on helping us to host our Annual Statewide Convention again this year!"
Dr. Willie Blair, BAPAC San Diego Chair
"Tanya has been instrumental in stabilizing my marketing situation as a whole. She has been consistent, concise, adaptive and thorough in helping me to develop my social networking campaigns. Subsequently, I have been better able to concentrate on the bigger picture. She is a gem indeed. "
Kevin Sandbloom, Singer-Songwriter, Sandbloom