You can still rally in the third quarter


So.  It’s the third quarter of 2017. You’ve yet to get your marketing strategy in free flow and your starting to look at the calendar and hyperventilate – just a little.

It’s not too late to rally your resources, even if it is July.

Simply stick to your marketing fundamentals and you’ll be a-okay.  Here’s what you need to do:

1. Start

If you don’t start on your marketing goals, you’ll never reach them.  Makes sense, right?  So wherever you are with your marketing plans, begin already and forget about perfection.  You’ll improve you’re game as you go along.

2. Share meaningful content that adds value

As long as you are creating and sharing quality content on your blog, social media channels, or even in a brochure or flyer (not to mention newsletters) –  top notch information your target customers can benefit from – your marketing efforts will be right on track.  Know what makes your customers tick, and give ’em what they crave.

3. Get specific

As mentioned above, having insight into your target customers concerns, wants, and needs makes all the difference when you set out to market your services.  Decide who you want to reach, get to know them, observe them, understand them, and speak specifically to them in your marketing materials.

4.  Use social media wisely

You’ve likely heard about ‘building your tribe’ of followers with Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn.  Sure, you want to let your customers who swim the social media highways know who you are, but make sure you pick your social media channels strategically –  and have a plan.  Otherwise, it can be a huge time suck with diminishing returns.

5.  Be consistent

This is key.  Post, tweet, or blog on a schedule.  Send that newsletter out on roughly the same day every week or month.  Your potential friends and customers will be looking for you and will want to know they can count on your content to be there when expected.

Marketing can be scary and time consuming, but it’s a must to building your customer base.  So, go ahead, rally your marketing resources in this quickly evolving second quarter of the year.  If you do, you’ll be on track to your sales goals in no time flat.

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